How to Choose Modern Designs in Home Accessories?

When early man left roaming and started leading a settled life, it was then that the concept of having individual houses came into existence. And with this concept the home evolved and the modern day definition of home includes a place, which provides one comfort along with the various kinds of modern designs. Everyone today […]

The Effects Of Color In Interior Design

COOL COLORS VIOLET BLUE GREEN Most all colors are based on nature, but like nature blue has a calming and The restful color of green can also be applied in many healthcare spaces. This color has a tranquil feel that soothes the nerves and mind. Green used in operating rooms to neutralize the images of […]

Abstract Expressionism – Its Origin

Here’s a little story – probably some truth in it – told to me by an older artist, about the beginning of Abstract Expressionism. Back in mid-20th century, artists often got together to talk and to work and to go to lunch – just as they did back in the Renaissance or the Impressionist era. […]

Mel Ramos Talks on His Work and Criticism

Mel is best known for his pin-up girl posters back in the 60s. In this meeting he talked of where art is today, how digital art fits into it all, and how he feels about criticism. A few months ago some friends and I were having lunch with Pop artist, Mel Ramos. After chatting awhile […]

An Artist’s Tribute to William Saroyan Part 2

I got involved with the project because I am documenting restoration of a large sculpture the artist did of his friend, William Saroyan. I knew he was a prolific artist. I knew he did some large sculpture. I was not prepared for what I saw as we opened several rental storage units. From top to […]

An Artist’s Tribute to William Saroyan part 1

The name William Saroyan brings to mind Pulitzer Prize writing. Bill Saroyan was also an artist, and his artist friend, Varaz Samuelian made a monumental tribute to him in sculpture. William Saroyan is known the world over as a great writer. Not everyone is aware, however that he also was an artist. A close artist […]

Brief History of Computer Art From the 1960s Through Early 1990s

From the beginning the artist has incorporated current technology, whether it be paint formulae or casting alloys. It should be no wonder then, that with the advent of the computer, the artist would be among the first to find a way to utilize it as a new medium. I questioned whether or not the art […]